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The End of Their World


Look at my earth and cry

But things here are of such magnitude

Sons depart before their fathers, there are too many sweating mothers

When the guns of stupidity sing the same tune by heart

The eater of the soul at each meal drinks of our bitterness

I hear it every night, tired of phantoms that haunt

Tired of their complaints, so much that sometimes she shakes

By the blood of hatred, constantly seeded in double time

When this last chases the wind out of the plains

Nothing has changed since then, where I live, Jews, Catholics,

Muslims, blacks or whites, close your mouths, you’re making far too much noise

Like these storms in which water mixes with our tears,

And their impact on the arid soil in which uranium steals our souls

I don’t want a town with cemeteries bigger than the living space

Even if it appears that everything on the other side is calmer, more stable

I don’t want the survivors of D-Day to survive under neon

Too close to nothing, because the sun deprives them of its rays

Arteries full of bitterness like a caddy at the Giant,

We load, we load, output is all in the teeth

I believe that it is in this era of time that each searches for his

Yeah, a simple life failed at the sending of a nuclear bomb

Love is missing in the air in their world, we suffocate, everything that supports us

It’s pressurized, and it’s the psychologists who will exorcise,

That someone says to me, if I finally have the chance to see the peace that is demanded

That one day the educated morons

Perched on my pen, I wait for that moment, observe this mess

The little flames reaching to the sky, for her I bled this gospel

“Hera” forbids herself to pull wings; tired of the sap they draw from her

We proclaim all that we love, but none of us are honest

Jealousy and lust make out with each other

When problems come, we rule this a strike of large peaches

And during that time, certain people gather under trash

Guess who is hollow but has the most kisses

When do we arrive there, there where happiness quenches your thirst

My future makes itself, without shouting, without men of the earth

Or the plant leaking, nothing on the Geiger Counter

And finally aware that here, we are only tenants

You speak of a place, look a little at what we’ve made of it

When the old inventory, we’ll forget about the deposit

We should have given it to them like they gave it to us

Clean, spotless, and innocent like a newborn

Only ours die of hunger in Africa

And there there isn’t enough money for them

So stone will have to do

Men fall under racist blows

But there can be nothing for them

So the bullets should avoid them

Ass in front of the TV, occupied with dreaming,

Finger resting on the remote, we feel like we exist

We gasp, we protest, we vote, hoping that it will change something

But prepare your barricades and you will see them all hesitate

Garnished with incomprehension and giant headstones

The world dreams of compassion and of buds reborn on their branches

The same ones that we would leave to die on a December evening, in silence

Just a piece of cardboard to spread,

Everyone has their chances, what planet did the person who said that come from?

A politician, I believe, lives in Bora Bora

While households suffer in the way of ‘tora, tora’*

But hey it’s much too low, so by necessity they won’t see us

Words and words and words, they have promised mountains and marvels

But the marvels have flown away

Only the mountains remain, but they are steep to climb

And at the summit there are only demons in costumes made of ash

And down below are the circus games, Hail Caesar

Because we will be gobbled up by the wild animals they have prepared

There is a harsh waterfall of blood on the map, a rise of black air

One day we will pay a high price for a breath of pure air

Here each has their own culture, each their racism

Only on the white background, it is black that stays the easiest target

Times are changing, it’s certain, but there are still irritable people

They have the greeting of Henry, Arron, Mormeck or Zinédine

At the hour when people are dining

There are still too many searching, those who don’t have eight rooms use a parking lot as a nursery

Everyone is indignant about it

It devalues the neighborhood, it scares grandma,

And we know well that grandma will vote

From the top of their business tower, right like the Tower of Pisa

Twins on the nose, they split, divide as they please

It is shocking then that this ends in fratricide

Because all that counts is to deploy remote missiles

Long live democracy, the one who brandished the club in the face of pacifists,

If you don’t agree, they hit you,

Repeat offenders : they are never the ones tracked

They live above lists and put their faces on posters

This world is dying, look what we’re doing to it, this was predictable

Like a drop on your forehead, when shit is looming

But fear withers hearts, fear of everything unfamiliar

So we sing stupid prejudices

From everywhere the extremes dominate prime time

Every time they decimate a family

And well before those regions where there is famine

An image too raw for a redneck with his overcooked meat

He who believed the euro would bring much happiness

For vacations will have to wait a little or win games

But there it is not too late, tomorrow, very early, there is a puff of smoke

Understand this world goes very fast, no chance to catch it

On the path of principles they have set traps for wolves,

Dynamite vests, and a few CDs everywhere

Should be careful around mines, wells where death flows

He may be alive, but in the long run he won’t be able to avoid everything

And one of these four will eventually fall

I hope that there will be someone to help the next to get back up

I hope he won’t be like ours, embittered and dying

And I hope above all that this one will not try to blow themselves up

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