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Arch Enemy Şarkı Sözleri


Önerilen Mesajlar

1. Beast Of Man


[music: M. Amott / C.Amott; lyrics: M. Amott]


Beware the beast of man

For he's the devils pawn

Alone among god's primates

He kills for sport, lust or greed


The sacred scrolls...

The truth unfolds...


Shun him - or become like him

Shun him - the beast of man


Let him not breed in great numbers

For he will make a dessert of his home and yours

Shun him - drive him back into his jungle lair

For he is the harbinger of death



2. Stigmata



[music: M. Amott]



3. Sinister Mephisto


[music: M. Amott; lyrics: M. Amott]


Into the night - the darkest corner of my mind

Sink into my inner self, an erotic fantasy

A spiralling vortex - an instant alter ego fix

Here I am the ruler of all, in this kingdom of sin


(Floating in a dreamlike state

I am the emperor of a paralell universe)


Sinister mephisto - ride the sky

Sinister mephisto - the ultimate high


What I can't have in actuality

I feast upon in my "reality"

An extravaganza of forbidden pleasures

No sexual wish dark enough, to suppress

I am no longer a mortal man


As master of the ceremony - divine perversion

I hereby declare the orgy to begin

Ravage yoru luscious virgin flesh (how I love it)

My cup runneth over - drink my distilled insanity



4. Dark Of The Sun


[music: M. Amott / C.Amott; lyrics: M. Amott]


Like insects of the night, we are drawn into the light

Feeding off the starglow energy - controlling our fate


Bloodsucker selling hope to the hopeless

Newborn messiah or the devil incarnate?

Surrounded by a field of lost souls

These feeble minds - so easy to control




It's all the same to you

But does anyone really know

What the future holds in store


A day will come

When the sun will rise again

Rays of black will shine

And together as one,

We will walk in the dark of the sun


Say a prayer for the unborn child in the womb

The children are the heirs of this dogmatic chaos

Is there a future in this claustrophobic tomb?

We can only rely upon ourselves, to save us


We are the resistance, our last line of defense

Prepared to fight for our promised land

Rebels at heart, they will hunt us to the ends of the earth

The chase is on - forever going on and on



5. Let The Killing Begin


[music: M. Amott / C.Amott; lyrics: J. Liiva / M. Amott]


Anxiety prevails in the end

On deathrow awaiting my fate

Sacrificed upon the altars of justice

Part of the ritual of ultimate fear

Determined men prepare to slay

Executioners axe draws near

On my way to depart from life

Lost all sense, all the gallows I will die!


Let the killing begin

Let the end your life of sin

Feel the torment within

As the beauty of death sets in


Counting the days, the sleepless nights

Wide awake in a state of lunacy

Voices echo inside my head

Haunting memories, punishing me

Through a tunnel of madness

These endless catacombs

Left to die in a pit of confusion

Swept away by a wave of illusion



6. Black Earth

[music: M. Amott; lyrics: J. Liiva / M. Amott]


Across the lake of fire

Through the desserts of decay

The flames are burning higher

In this land of death you're easy prey


Black Earth

Save - Our - Souls


Looking back in anger

At the twentieth century

Tormented we surrender

In artificial serenity


Twisted, torn and burnt

Violation of the crust

Man got what man deserved

Turned the future into dust


A millenary failure

The dark age has returned

Waiting for a miracle

To save the common herd


"In a century of darkness

The horror spreads within -

As our planet stops to turn

All hope is lost for man"



7. Hydra


[Japan Bonus]




[music: C.Amot / F. Nordstrom]



8. Tears Of The Dead


[music: M. Amott; lyrics: M. Amott]


Hideous crimes, atrocities

The slaughter of millions - beyond belief

Those were dark times, so different from now

The law of evil ruled our fatherland


I was but a pawn in their game

Why should I feel any guilt?

Still when I close, close my eyes

The words unfold, it all comes back


I can't defy it, can't deny it

I know it ot be true

In my sleep - they come to haunt me

They know it to be true

Tears of the dead


We are all on the turning wheel of fate

A young man, standing proud in uniform

I never stopped to hesitate

Until it was far to late


My hands are soiled, covered in blood

Stains that never wash away

Their hollow eyes...

Confronting me - Judging me


Now an old man, at the end of my days

Contemplating - My life of sin

Living is never simple - the rosad is hard

I had no say - just a puppet in a sick play



9. Diva Satanica

[Japan Bonus]


[music: M. Amott / C.Amott; lyrics: M. Amott]


Divine queen of evil

Sowing her seeds of hate

Mistress of pain

Diva satanica - Master of temptation


Medusa... abuser... both beast and beauty

Seducer... she'll use you... bring you to your knees


Blinded by her infinite beauty

you are lured into the temple

The smell of incense burning

this carnal pleasure yearning

Bride of satan

Transgress the rules of this world

Too late you realize

this love is ripping you apart


Medusa... abuser... both beast and beauty

Seducer... she'll use you... as fodder for her dreams


Drinking the blood

Eating the flesh

She's getting high on you

Watching you die gives her a thrill

...There is always more blood to spill...



10. Damnation's Way

[Japan Bonus]


[music: J. Liiva / M. Amott; lyrics: J. Liiva / M. Amott]


Set me free, let me out of here

From these chains to which I am bound

Time was always on your side

While my final hours slipped away



Frustration in their minds

The hatred in their eyes

A new breed will now rise

Damnation's way:


Losing my grip on reality

Outside this cage I am struck by paranoia

A paradox to all life's mysteries

A never ending trail to follow:


I am the sinner upon damnation's way

Always deprived of hope, never to see the break of dawn

My life I lived in the shadow of you

The other side now greets me with open arms


[1st lead - Christopher]

[2nd lead - Michael]



11. Vox Stellarum




[music: F. Nordstrom]



12. Bridge Of Destiny

[music: M. Amott / C.Amott; lyrics: M. Amott]


Standing at the bridge of destiny

So long since I tasted fear

Lurking in the darkest holes

Awaiting my minds weakest moment

Old words from an old world

Against the laws of nature

They say the truth is overrated

Wall of anger corrupts my thought


Standing at the bridge of destiny

Show me a sign

On the verge of losing my sanity

Free my soul


My inner demons torture me

Flapping their wings in my face

Damn you! You twisted illusion

I am no longer afraid

See through their liquid souls

Evil eyes that will hypnotize

You can no longer hurt me

I am my own worst enemy


Unleash the trapped souls of the dead

Spirits since long forgotten

Guardians fo the lost faith

Destined for glory?

Watch them all turn into sand

And the wind blow them away

Wisdom pours into my soul


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