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ücretsiz seçeneği seçip oynamaya başlayın.. bir yerede takıldım kaldım.. ama oldukça ilgin ve farklı bir oyun.. kaçırılan köpeğini bulması için kahramanımıza yardımcı oluyorsunuz.. iyi eğlenceler...:thumbsup:




bu da 1. bölüm...



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Hushcım çok dikkatli bakmalısın.. bir vana.. bir priz.. manivela kolu.. sifon.. birçok bölümde farklı metodlar kullanıp ilerliyorsun.. olmadı.. bütün resmin üerinde dolartır cursor ı..;) işte mantığını da kullanıp çözeceksin bulmacayı ve karakterin ilerlemesini sağlayacaksın..


aa cheat de bulduum.. ben de bir yerde tıkanmıştım.. şimdi oynarım.. :D


Anonymous http://img1.blogblog.com/img/blank.gif



Click on the dog house


Click on the white guy in the rocket


Click the bug and put it on top of the tree to save the white guy


Click left screen to move to next scene


Go into the cave and click the middle bottle to pick up the cork


Move mouse to left screen, click on baby anteater and faster click on the hole to replace cork.


Go back into cave, pull the water lever twice, click the right wheel once and click the monkey nearer to the funnel so that powder will drop into the funnel, turn on the fire and turn the outside tap water so that snail will drink it. Grab the hammer.


Knock the robot


Click the right path so that fly come out.


Hit away the round stone, when bug crawl next to possum, click the possum and it will eat it.


Click the fly so that it will go to the possum vomit


Click on the white guy and after that click the web ball


Click on the box and release rat, click on the hole and plug drop out.


Use the plug at the socket on the left


Click the cable on the floor twice and click on the hanging hook


Go out and grab the torch light on the wall


Go down the hole, pull the lever once and click the wheel


Pull the lever again and turn the wheel to open a hole


Turn all three small wheel so that they are aligned and red spot is at top and bottom position, then turn the big wheel


Press robot 1 and 2 to unscrew the four nut


Pick all fruit from right basket to left basket until empty and go into the right basket


Pick up the sausage and hang at the skull, when the green monster hand move away, press the red button


When the white guy drop onto the floor, click on the green monster, get key and save your dog.


click on the right side of the pipe, the dwarf will follow but the pipe gets broken, the fly comes out of the hole on the right. click on the round thingy beneath the pipe on the left side, it will fall down clearing the way for the bug which is moving up and down. when the bug will pass the sleeping animal, click on the animal, it will devour the bug and right after puke it out. click on the fly which is resting on the mushrooms beneath the pipe, it will sit on the pukes. click on the dwarf, he will jump which will move the pipe making the fly go straight into the spiderweb. the spider catches the fly and makes a cocoon. click on the cocoon, the dwarf uses it to reach the hole.


click on the fridge, it will open and the rat will come out heading up into the hole in the ceiling. click twice on the hole in the ceiling, a plug will fall out. plug in the plug into the one on the left wall, then go into the right tunnel to the other screen, take the torch hanging on the wall, go back. click twice on the fridge wire, it will plug it in, the fridge will start working and vibrating, it will move towards the left side revealing a manhole. click on the hook, the dwarf will remove the iron lid and go down.



click on the hanging thing on the right, and when the water level starts to fall, click on the valve on the left. then click again the hanging thing on the right, when the water disappears, click on the lower valve, a small round door on the right opens, click there.



in the next vessel - the three small valves have red marks on them, move them so that the red marks create a straight vertical line, then click the big valve, the chain will move and the water will disappear



click on the hole on the right, the dwarf will move there. in the next screen, click on the coin on the rope, it will activate the automat, press 1, take the wrench from the robot, and use it on the 3 smaller bolts on the apparatus, then repeat the coin activation, press 2 and use the bigger wrench on the last bolt


click on the mechanism to destroy it. the alien will get anxious, the dwarf will move to the other screen which will take some time. be patient. the dwarf will appear on the upper level, you must click on the hole up in the ceiling, the dwarf will climb up there. in the room with green fruits, click on the left thingy on the wall to close the fruit dispenser. remove all the green fruits from the right container to the right one, and click on the empty one, the dwarf will jump into it, which will bring him straight to the last room.

put the sausage on the other side and the ventilator will take the hat. While the fat guy gets it back push the red button on the chair. The little white will fall down. Hurry to go to the chair and bring it near the tv. Now the fat guy is taken, a key will fall down. Open the cage, push the button near the door.... The end?



bu da 1. bölüm......




Begining, Click the little "light house" at the top of the rock/planet so a telescope comes out and the man says "Oh no!"

A scene should happen and then the game starts.

You should now see a dude smoking a "bong"

Click the substance in the funnel of the bong, and wait till hes smoked it all. Click the empty funnel and after a few more drags the Dude realises its empty, then throws it to the ground.

Click the mouth peace to wich he was drawing from, it should then magicaly float into the "key hole".

On the hill you should see some form of pulley system, at the top of the pulley, where the string at the top has come lose and is hanging, click it, it should flick back into place.

Next to that, a sign with a arrow should be pointing to the right, click it untill it points to the left.

Now back to the key hole, press the red button ontop of it.

The pulley system should start moving and the main character brought up on ski's.

Randomly placed on the level, there are workers gathering what i can only imagine as a smoking substance, click the worker in the way of the main character, so he moves to the right, Then quickly while hes moved, click the main character, he should ski away if you have done it right.



To the left of this level, theres a fishing hook, at the bottom, click the ball hanging above the water.

A rat should come out and catch the fish caught, then walk into a hut.

Soon after this, lizards should start crawling up the cliff into the hut.

You should click the lizards off the cliff so that the rat can eat the fish.

It should take 3 lots of lizard popping before fish bones are thrown out.

When this has happend a bird will fly out and get them, the main character will jump the first time to try and grab onto its legs, it should then land near the fish bones, click it and it will collect the fish bones, the main character will try again and it should take the main character away on the fish bones.



On this level, there is a rock leaning towards the right, with a cog on it in the middle, click the cog and it should wind up, repeat this 3 more times and it should stop moving when you click the cog.

The hole oposite it, on a seperate rock, click the hole, a bridge shaped rock should join to the "cog rock" and flowers should sprout.

At the top of the level, there is another smaller hole, click it and bees should emerge and fly around the flowers.

A lightbult should rock side ways from the hole, click the lightbulb, and it will climb out on a ladder, take it head off, screw it on a rock then climb back away -Weird weird world-.

On the same rock of land the main character is sitting on hidden in a shadowy area there will be a hole with a button shape on, click the button and the bulb will light up, and the pulleys will move bringing up a egg shaped ride.

Near the circuler window on the ride, there will be a small grey lever, click it and the door will open, Now click the main character, and he will walk inside, and the ride will move down.



On the tree in the middle, click the hole, A squirrel should be revealed with a music player.

Around the trees, there will be small worm like creatures, you must click them one by one and let the bird fly in and eat them all.

After this is done, clikc the red button on the music player, soft music will play, now you must click the squirels tail 3 times untill drum and bass music plays, and the owel wakes up.

Then click the owel 3 times untill it hops to the edge of the branch and nocks the transport off.



Click the grey button on the transport and the main character will bounce on the mushrooms out of it.

Nock the small bit of metal on the branch so it leans to the left.

This will now divert the crawling spiders to the ant eater.

Now this is about timing, you must wait till the spider crawls upto the ant eater and the ant eaterit eats it, then click the steps so he crawls past the ant eater safely.

Now at the top, click the small white box next to the door, a panel should open, now click it again and a zoom in of some buttons should come upto you.

Move the levers on it to match the 4 red dot pattern on the door (So all the bottom levers switched to red, aswell as the far right lever to red)

If done correctly the door will open, clikc the door.


LEVEL 6: (last level)

Your now in a dark room with a flickering red light, click the red light once, the lights will come on.

This bits hard to explain, all i do realy, is click the far left battery oposite the main character on the positive button about 10 times, then click the middle button on the same battery, a ladder should emmerge.

When the ladder has fully positioned itself, click the opening wheel at the top of it, the main character should climb the ladder and spin the wheel, then a scene sequence will happen showing the 2 rock planets being directed away from each other..


(alıntılar ... escapegame24)

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